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Travel planning, simplified.

Traveling is amazing, but planning what to do and when to do it can be a nightmare. Not anymore. Trava takes the work out of travel—for free.

Step 1

Create your trip

Choose a destination, invite friends and family, and get ready for the smoothest trip planning of your life.

Choose a destination and create your trip

Step 2

Vote for your favorite activities

View our Expert-Curated Recommendations for things to do and places to eat, or add your own hidden gems.

Swipe on what sounds fun; everybody else in your group will do the same.

Swipe your way to an itinerary

Step 3

Please everyone with Smart Itineraries

Our Smart-Scheduling Algorithm recognizes your group’s favorite activities and schedules them in a logistically-optimized manner.

✓ No more hassle

✓ No more arguing

✓ No more agonizing over logistics

Our algorithm determines your group's favorite activities

And much more...

Ready to plan your vacation or just looking for some inspiration?
Join us as we reinvent travel planning.